Passion for Fashion

Passion for Fashion

Mod is the CEO, Designer, Stylist, Motivator, Speaker, Fashion Innovator, and MUA of ModBoutique Fashions.

Since the tender age of 5 her grandmother taught her to sew, it wasn’t until her pre-teen years she began to utilize her eclectic ability of style and innovative passion for the runway to be bold and create eclectic styles for herself and her friends.

Mod inspires women through her creativity and bold personality by speaking the truth of God’s word encouraging them to Love themselves and to be healed from the afflictions of life.

Mod received her Masters Degree in Christian Counseling of Addictions and Behaviors in Spring 2017, it was then that she began to use her eclectic creativity and love for style and authenticity to create out of the box custom couture streetwear designs through her gift of sewing.

ModBoutique Fashions is not just Fashion it is Sisterhood of style and empowerment which allows Women to share and connect with other sisters by encouraging one another to be themselves and own their freedom of style, creative sense of fashion and self-love fiercely and unapologetically!
The most lethal weapon is a Woman full of Confidence, Elegance, and Class who walks in her power and knows her worth and here at ModBoutique Fashions we do just that!